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SandBell Sandbag Training | Athletic Performance

SandBell Sandbag Training for Performance As a strength and conditioning professional that works specifically with athletes of all developmental levels I have been impressed with the results I am seeing from SandBell sandbag training.  I...

PE Game

PE Game | SandBell Relay for Kids in K-5

PE Game | SandBell Relay Game for Kids Welcome  to Thursday’s PE Game for the SandBell in physical education! Hyperwear SandBell games are a rising trend in physical education curriculums. This week we show diagrams...

SandBell Training for Explosive Power

SandBell Training for Explosive Power The SandBell is one of the most dynamic tools an athlete can have in their training arsenal. SandBell training seamlessly replaces medicine balls and dumbbells, challenges stabilization muscles, and kicks your...

Best Weight Vest for Running

Best Weight Vest for Running Must be Thin and Light [caption id="attachment_7253" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Cheetah with weight vest[/caption] What is the best weight vest for running? In some of our more recent blog posts, we introduced...

6 Health And Fitness Tips That Work

Whether you are starting a new fitness program or cleaning up your eating, here are a few health and fitness tips that work to help you succeed longterm. To the naked eye they may...

SandBell Training: Baseball

SandBell Training for Baseball By Chuck Wolf, MS, FAFS Human Motion Associates Orlando, FL [caption id="attachment_8526" align="alignright" width="300"] SandBell Performance Training Session[/caption] If I knew about strength and conditioning and SandBell training for baseball back in...