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Cooling vest for weight loss next Paleo Diet trend?

Research on activation of brown adipose tissue (“brown fat”) by cooling vest for weight loss pointing towards new treatments for obesity and related metabolic diseases. While surveying exciting new discoveries about cold activated BAT (brown...

best weighted vest for firefighter training

Research: Weighted Vest for Osteoporosis?

Weighted Vest osteoporosis or osteopenia: What Research Shows After designing the original Hyper Vest weighted vest for athletes, it came as a surprise when a lot of our customers were not athletes. From talking to...

adjustable weighted vest

Advantages of an Adjustable Weight Vest

How an adjustable weight vest works People who want to maximize their workouts should consider an adjustable weight vest. By offering users a system in which weight can be added or removed, adjustable models give...

Weight Vest for Osteoporosis

Better Bones with a Weight Vest for Osteoporosis A weight vest for osteoporosis is an effective and natural way to build bone density. Just walking while wearing a weighted vest can be effective and is...

CrossFit Workouts with Sandbags

CrossFit Workouts with Sandbags Increasingly using SandBell and SteelBell Crossfit workouts with sandbags, often part of the daily crossfit WOD, are beginning to include the Hyperwear SteelBell and SandBell sandbag. Known for its high intensity...

Weight Vest Speed Training

Weight Vest Speed Training Workouts By Geno Pierce, CSCS Weight vest speed training is a key part of making athletes faster. It is undeniable that speed is extremely important in sports.  It can be the difference...

SandBell vs SteelBell – Which is right for you?

SandBell vs SteelBell Comparison At first glance, the SandBell® and the SteelBell®, may seem like very similar products. Both consist of a neoprene sleeve filled with weight-- the SandBell® with play sand, and the SteelBell® with...