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Sweating Your Ass Off

We have all heard (or said) some version of this at one point. And we all know that sweating your ass off is the best way to lose weight, right? We understand that sweating...

Top Fitness Trends: 2014 in Review

This time every year, it is predictable that lots of experts will weigh in with the top fitness trends for the coming year. More than just guesswork, fitness experts and surveys help identify where...

Battle Rope Training: Deadlift Form SandRope Slams

Battle rope training with SandRope slams is a great no-impact, joint-friendly, full-body exercise, that improves power, strength, and provides great cardio. The benefit, however, is lost when people begin with a flawed foundation for...

Movement Variability: SandBell Training Tips

The traditional model of training often has "blocked" model design, typically characterized as usually low complexity, low skill level single movements in a pre-determined, sequenced design. This often is characteristic of the traditional strength...

Weight Vest Training: Top 5 Tips

Weight vest training is on the rise. The concept is simple: increasing your body weight 10-15% will help you reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself quicker. Weight vest training gives you the ability...

Group Fitness: Leadership and Teamwork

Coming September 29th to Austin, the new FIT-2-LEAD program will take 12 people currently in a leadership role at work and build their leadership and teamwork skills through group fitness training and monthly leadership...