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Category Archives: Thursday’s PE Drill Thrill

Family Fitness Finding Health as a Family

Feb 27, 2013

Family Fitness – Finding Health as a Family By Ashley Benson When our kids are young, we teach them to eat, walk and to not touch to the stove.  As they grow, we educate them about animals and the sounds … Read More..

SandBell® Line Toss Game for Physical Education

Feb 14, 2013

You keep asking for more SandBell games for kids and physical education classes, and we’ll keep giving them! In this week’s P.E. Drill Thrill video, we’re bringing you three variations of one game. These variations show you how to step … Read More..

SandBell Cardio Activities for K-5 Physical Education

Feb 4, 2013

Physical Education Exercise SandBell Games The best way to get kids active is by making the activity fun! Give kids something to be excited about next time they walk into your K-12 Physical Education class by trying out these physical … Read More..

Benefits of Play: SandBell® Games for Kids

Jan 3, 2013

SandBell Games for Kids Benefits from play with SandBells Play, games and creative activities are extremely important in a child’s development. Incorporating SandBell games into fun and engaging challenges only enhances their affect on children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. … Read More..

SandBell® Group Games for Kids

Dec 13, 2012

Group fitness classes have become all the rage over the last several years. These fun, interactive classes take the ‘grudge’ out of working out and get participants burning calories and strengthening their bodies while socializing, dancing, moving, and having a … Read More..

SandBell® Warm-up Exercises for Kids

Nov 29, 2012

Before exercising it’s important to warm up your body and prepare it for the muscle-challenging work it’s about to do. A proper warm-up is essential for everyone from kids to adults, and recreational to professional athletes. In today’s P.E. Drill … Read More..

SandBell® Partner Exercises for Kids

Nov 12, 2012

Games, relays and partner exercises are some of the best ways to motivate kids to get active. Activities in a group setting are inherently more fun because of the human interaction. Partner exercises will bring smiles to faces and get … Read More..

SandBell Cardio Games for Kids

Oct 24, 2012

Cardio is arguably the most dreaded part of a workout, but one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy and happy. Motivating kids to get in at least 60 minutes of cardio a day is also something parents, … Read More..

Timed SandBell® Relays for K-5 Kids

Oct 9, 2012

K-12 P.E. Drill Thrill Welcome  to Thursday’s P.E. Drill Thrill! This week we show diagrams and instructions for 2 timed SandBell relay games, great for K-5 physical education classes. For these games: Set-Up: Mark the location of each station with … Read More..

SandBell Exercises for K-12 Physical Education Classes

Sep 25, 2012

Happy Thursday and thanks for checking out today’s P.E. Drill Thrill! Today’s SandBell exercises are an extension of the previous K-12 Drill Thrill article. Hyperwear Master Trainer Jamie Atlas shows two more kid-friendly SandBell exercises that are fun, age appropriate … Read More..