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Brook Benten Performs SandBell Exercises From Her DVD on KXAN News

Hyperwear Master Trainer and President of Cardiopump Fitness, Brook Benten recently made a media splash when she was featured on local NBC affiliate news station, KXAN. During the segment for KXAN, Brook and H.E.A.T. Boot Camp owner, Cody Butler, demonstrate several SandBell exercises from her latest workout DVD for Hyperwear, SandBell Total Body Blast.

Watch Brook as she goes through her three favorite SandBell exercises, and talks about the features and benefits of Hyperwear’s Hyper Vest PRO weight vest.

Brook Benton KXAN News Segment Video

Watch Brook Benten perform her three favorite SandBell exercises!

To do the exercises in Brook’s segment, we recommend using a SandBell that’s equal to approximately 10% of your body weight. You don’t want to over-exert yourself, but you should use a weight that will safely challenge your muscles. All three exercises in the video target each major muscle group so you get a total body workout in just one move! Want to give these exercises a try? Purchase your own SandBells, Hyper Vest PRO weight vest and SandBell Total Body Blast DVD directly from the Hyperwear website! And if shipping fees are an issue, you can purchase empty SandBells and then fill them on your own!

SandBell Total Body Blast

Buy now in time to kick start your summer fitness routine!

Brook’s SandBell Total Body Blast DVD will make your workouts exciting and fun again! Her energetic and upbeat delivery will have you breaking a sweat and LOVING IT! Work alongside Brook as she breaks down a variety of exercises that works every muscle group to get you lean, trim and swim-suit ready. Some of the movements in Brook’s DVD include SandBell swings, glides, slams, plus a killer abdominal segment and step-by-step tutorial of the Turkish Getup using a SandBell, which you kettlebell enthusiasts will love.

To amp up the intensity of Brook’s workout DVD, or any other workout, just throw on the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest! The vest’s patented design makes it the most comfortable weight vest available on the market. The PRO vest features wide arm holes and adjustable side strings that give you complete range of motion and  a snug fit while exercising. Weight-vest training is great for nearly every type of activity—running, cycling, cross-training, football, basketball, softball, CrossFit—you name it, you can wear this vest doing it.

Check out Brook’s video, try the exercises and get your Hyper training program started TODAY!




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