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Austin Fit Magazine Breast Cancer Recovery Exercises

October 12th, 2011

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Hyperwear’s Director of Training and Under Armour Advisory Board Member, Diane Vives MS, CSCS has teamed up with Austin Fit Magazine, in Diane’s “Moving Muscle of the Month” article, to bring you breast cancer recovery exercises for rehabilitation.

In the YouTube video, Diane reveals several key exercises that target areas in need of strengthening and improvement after breast cancer treatment, surgery or reconstruction. Focusing on these areas works to decrease recovery time and helps get breast cancer survivors back to their normal functioning lifestyles.

Target Area #1: Upper-Body Range of Motion

  • Rolling push-up on at an elevated position: Shift from right to left and low to high, use a plyo box, bench or bar on the rack. Begin to increase range of motion as your become stronger and more comfortable with the movement.

Target Area #2: Postural Changes

  • Vector training with bands: Focus on posture strength, start in forward position and pull all the way back to a row. This exercise emphasizes muscles in the lower part of the shoulder blades that helps to improve posture.

Target Area #3: Re-Gaining Grip-Strength

  • Bent over row: Use a SandBell, which allows you to dig into the moving, shifting sand that activates grip muscles. Complete repetitions of bent over rows, making sure to constantly have a strong, active grip.

It’s important to note that everyone is very individualistic in their type of cancer, treatment and recovery plans, so it’s essential to always check with your doctor before you begin any sort of exercising plan.

View the YouTube video to see these exercises in action, and be sure to pick up the October issue of Austin Fit Magazine for more on these exercises, and information from Diane!

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