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Better Your Body

August 10th, 2012

Leave it all in the gym.

By Britny Fowler

When you cease to make a contribution, to have a goal, to strive for more, to learn…you begin to die.

My quote, partly stolen from Eleanor Roosevelt, reminds me that every day for the rest of my life I will work towards a goal and bettering my body. Keep in mind that “success nor failure is ever final” (Roger Ward Babson). If I have a goal of getting stronger, getting faster, or losing weight, when I see and experience that end result of success it doesn’t matter that I made it to the end because the end is just the beginning of the next step. The success matters, but nobody stops and says, “I made it so now I’ll stop working out and eating nutritionally valuable food.” That wouldn’t work because you’d backtrack and start over. Instead we decide, “how do I maintain this now and how do I get this next goal?” So there is absolutely no reason to ever give up or stop trying because that cycle doesn’t change. If you give up or stop working for it, the next week or maybe the next month, or the next year you’ll decided you really want to get stronger, or faster, or lose weight again. Then you’ll start again like you always do. How many times have you started over? So why ever stop or give up when the inevitable is—you will want that goal again. Change the way you think. Every day for the rest of my life I will work out and strive to better my body.

Speaking of improving the body, there is a time and place for many different methods of training and there is more than one way to get to an end result. I believe there are some very helpful building blocks if you are seeking ways to be successful. First, get the body in motion. One thing I learned at my TRX Suspension Training Workshop is that the average person sits in their car and commutes an hour to and from work. The average person sits at a desk or a sedentary job for 8-10 hours. At lunch the average person sits for 30 min to an hour. The average person sits for a 30 min dinner and 4.75 hours of television. The average person then sleeps for 7 hours. That is 21 or more hours of an individual’s day spent being inactive (2010 Fitness Anywhere Inc.). Why on earth would we not work out and move the body through space?

Second, everyone needs strength training. Strength is beneficial in burning more calories, getting stronger, building lean mass, strengthening bones, and maintaining a healthy weight. To accomplish these goals we can use Overload to better our bodies. If you are executing movement properly you will want to add more work to your movement to see yourself improve. If you do more work, you will be capable of doing more over time. Increasing loads, increasing volumes, or even decreasing rest periods can accomplish Overload. I feel  Overload is a prime example of the Chinese Proverb, “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”

So I have some goals, and I know I need to move. I already practice challenging and overloading my body. You might ask me what is a fun tool I can use to accomplish this? I train wearing my Hyperwear Pro Vest. I can put my body through all ranges of movements with added weight to my core and no restrictions. I use it to progress body-weight training, to increase awareness of my posture and body alignment, and to add weight for activities that I need my hands free for movement. It helps increase my VO2 and can change a boring running routine into something quite exciting. It also conveniently works hand-in-hand with some of my favorite training methods such as boot camp, group fitness, and suspension training.

Did I mention fun yet? At this moment, I wear a weight vest around my core I like to call an 8 month fetus. So while I currently am not wearing my weight vest, I do require friends and clients to execute their workouts in the Hyper Vest. When they use the Hyperwear weight vest they can appreciate what it feels like to move the body freely through space with added load, and sure enough I can even up the score! How much fun can we have? Well below you can see a video of a routine we went through to EVEN UP THE SCORE and Better the Body!

Click to watch Britny's weight vest exercises!

Weight Vest Training Exercises in Video

Lateral Walking Pushups

OH squat jumps

Crab walk

Cross back to Lateral Lunges



For safety, make sure you check with your physician or have your fitness level checked before engaging in a program with the weight vest. How much weight you use in the vest depends on the activity and length of the activity.

About Britny Fowler

Britny was a personal trainer featured in the A&E series “Heavy” as a trainer to clients facing extreme life-threatening health consequences as a result of their obesity. The show documents the experience of incredible life changing transformations during a six month treatment program.

Britny holds a BS in Sports Management from Texas A&M, and is a National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She is a Level III Peak Pilates certified instructor and is Schwinn Cycle certified. She teaches group fitness kickboxing, strength and conditioning classes, and is a Hyperwear Master Trainer and TRX Senior Trainer. She also enjoys speaking presentations on health and fitness.

In her free time, Britny trains for and competes in marathons and triathlons. This year she has qualified for and ran in the 2012 Boston marathon.

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