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Benefits of Play: SandBell® Games for Kids

January 3rd, 2013

SandBell Games for Kids

Benefits from play with SandBells

Play, games and creative activities are extremely important in a child’s development. Incorporating SandBell games into fun and engaging challenges only enhances their affect on children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. SandBell games are especially great for children’s activities because SandBells can be used without the fear of causing injury.

When creating an environment for games with the SandBell it is important to promote active play as it aids in physical development, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Games allow children to play with friends helping them to discover skills such as communication, cooperation, negotiation and promotion of attachment, which is a preventative factor in the development of mental health problems later in life. Negotiation, self-reliance, cooperation and communication skills are all developed effectively through peer interactions in a way that doesn’t happen when adults are involved.

Playing games with rules helps children learn to live within boundaries. Children need to learn which rules are flexible and games are a good way of reinforcing the different types of boundaries while also providing confidence and teaching new skills through learning and following directions.

Using your own creativity and open mind, you can begin challenging children through games and promote movement within your community in a variety of different ways.

sandbell games

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Game: Clear the House

Set-up: Create a space large enough for your group with a dividing line down the center. Separate your group into two teams of equal players with and an equal number of SandBells on each side ranging in appropriate weight.

Objective: Within the designated time period, teams must clear the SandBells from their “house” to their opponents “house”. The team with the least amount of SandBells in their house at the end of the time period wins.

Programing Variables

Duration: How long is the movement period set for?

The duration of the game will be set based on the desired conditioning goal of the movement session and most importantly the participants involved.

There are three different body systems to keep in mind when considering movement duration:

  1. Lactate threshold – This is the capacity to do high-intensity work for up to 3 minutes. The ESD unit of the training program is a form of interval training in which you alternate between periods of intense exercise with less strenuous periods.
  2. Lactate power – This is the body’s ability to do high-level work for periods of up to 12 seconds.
  3. Aerobic system – the body’s ability to work beyond 3 minutes.

Sets: How many rounds of play will you have?

The total sets will assist in providing training volume; the more sets the greater the volume of work for your participants.

Recommended sets for Kindergarten – 2nd grade: 3-5 sets

Load: What will the weight of the SandBells be for the participants?

The weight of the SandBells can vary. It is important to keep in mind the movement ability of the participants involved and most importantly the training goal. Load will have a direct correlation to the duration of movement desired as well as the total volume of work you would like to see performed. When considering load remember it is more important to see quality and not quantity. Motion with the SandBell should be controlled and participants should demonstrate good rhythm & timing throughout each set.

Recommended load for Kindergarten – 2nd grade: 2-10lbs

Rest: What length of time will participants recover from the movement duration?

The rest period will also assist in dictating the desired impact of the movement session. The amount of time you choose to have your participants rest between sets can have a major impact on how the movement you’re planning affects the body.

Recommended rest period for kindergarten – 2nd grade: 30-90 seconds.

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