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American Council on Exercise Rates the SandBell

April 21st, 2011

Here at Hyper Wear, we encounter so many amazing people every day!  We are presented with many, many truly awesome opportunities to share our products with an enormous range of people.  We love to hear feedback and love to see people enjoy fitness because of our products.  That’s what Thankful Thursdays are all about – us saying, “Thank You!” to a specific customer, group, publication, etc. that has helped us along the road to success.

Editor’s rating:

The American Council on Exercise editors did another independent review of one of our products – the SandBell this time. They gave it four of five stars with the only concern being that the grip workout might be too difficult for people with certain conditions like arthritis.

Here’s a quote:

“The key noticeable differences included the aspect of improving grip strength, which improves shoulder stability, and the ability to drop these products without fear of injury or damage to the floor. The Sandbells can be gripped through the middle of the disc or by the ends (as illustrated on their website). We utilized both grips and enjoyed the natural free motion it allowed at the wrist/distal joint, something limited when using kettlebells, dumbbells or medicine balls. Grip strength is obviously very important within several occupations and this device provided an effective way to train to strengthen one’s grip. Unlike a kettlebell with its off-center of mass (requiring both stability and mobility) that creates much discomfort to the back of the forearm, the Sandbell allows the user to maintain a neutral wrist (stability) while moving it as needed (mobility). Their shape also eliminates any concern of rolling or moving, a factor that exists with dumbbell or medicine ball.”

Read the Full Review and let them know what YOU think of the SandBells!

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