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Are We All Turning to Mush?

March 6th, 2013

Please excuse this complete tangent to my Leadville training and blog.  Sometimes my mind gets stuck on an idea and I just can’t let it go.  My therapist, aka my wife, Jill, says I am stubborn and full of myself.  But, because I didn’t pay for therapy or even ask her opinion, I will just go ahead with my thoughts.

I am really worried about us (you, me, the population as a whole)…we are getting so soft.  I see articles and blogs like Mario’s at My Fit Foods about the concerns of sitting all day, (great read by the way, just scary that it’s a problem).  I see the news reporting on the top stories of who Shawn will give a rose to on the Bachelor, or who will win the most coveted award in the country for their role as an actor, and I am concerned. Really, THOSE are the top stories??  I see kids that are not active and couldn’t pick out a healthy meal if you paid them, and I think about my kids’ future.  And then I see my own life, I come home from a hard day and just want to sit in front of the TV and zone out.  Are we are all turning to mush?

My friend Duncan attributed this finding to our constant obsession with staring at little boxes.  How often are we staring at a phone, iPad, TV, or computer monitor, and sitting while doing it?  Or even more so, how often are we mowing down some potato chips and drinking a coke while sitting and staring at little boxes.  Enough is enough, we have to change this.

An idea dawned on me a few weeks back while I was at the deer lease.  For those not from Texas, or are new to Texas, my deer lease is a plot of land some friends and I lease to hunt, camp, and enjoy the great outdoors.  It is actually more of a beer lease but that is another problem for another blog.  The place is pretty rustic and every time I get there it’s a like a breath of fresh air, literally.  And, the real bonus, my kids absolutely love it.  They can roam around, shoot their BB guns, collect feathers, bones, rocks, etc.  When we come home you should see my kids, they are filthy, stinky, weary…and, just better.

What dawned on me was how much they enjoy their time out there despite the lack of technological advances they are awarded, which are none.  TV’s and iPads aren’t allowed, and phones only for emergencies or videoing Burt singing El Serrito Place.  Generally, the deer lease is a tech and entertainment void, and we all thrive in that environment.

We are not bored we are enriched….light bulb.

Here’s my challenge for you and your family: One day a week, me, Jill, and our 4 kids, are turning off all the little boxes.  Outside of business hours (I mean, I do have a business to run) we will be committed to no TV, no Internet, no iPads. No nothing.   Our day will be Wednesday, (yes, we are giving up Modern Family, well maybe just DVRing until Thursday).  Join me.  Email or Facebook me and tell me what day you are taking back and what you are doing in place of your typical habits.  For instance, we have committed to a family walk in place of TV.  So, join me and lets get stronger, not softer.

Training Update

Have you tried Weight Vesting yet?  If not, you need to.  I am seriously blown away by just how much a 10 lb. weight vest can do to your calorie burn.  My evidence is anecdotal at present but I know it works.  Again, just be leery of what this may do to your appetite…hence the last blog entry about Jack-in-the-Box.

And, I must admit the real low point in my training to date.  My diet, more specifically my sugar intake.  I am ready to admit that the things I would do for a chocolate chip cookie might border on lunacy. Charles at Space Chimp Media had some Tiff’s Treats delivered to our office and I bet I ate 5 cookies before taking a breath.  What in the hell is wrong with me?  Also, last week I accidentally (on purpose) pushed an expectant mother out of my way at HEB for a free cookie sample.  Actually I am making that up, but given the opportunity I would have done it.

A few weeks back, I was half-way through a sleeve of thin mints (freeze them trust me, you will want to slap your mom) and a Miller Lite and Jill asked me, “is this what you mean by reducing your sugar and beer intake?”  Obviously I need another wife, I mean more discipline. Yes, I need more discipline.   The Beast can take many forms and right now, she is pursuing me in the form of sweet, beautiful desserts.

Running is moving along…hitting the hills and speed work while slowly increasing my mileage.  I am feeling stronger every week.  I do have to remind myself that I am still more than 5 months out from race day.  I will be doing a 37 mile run on March 26 somewhere around the Austin area to celebrate my birthday.  This is NOT my subtle way of trying to get gifts and well wishes. No, no, no, this is my subtle way to get you out there with me for all or part of it.  Seriously, contact me and come run.

And if you do join me for the run, please bring some Thin Mints….no, don’t bring them….yes, bring them.  NO, NO, definitely don’t bring any Thin Mints or any other cookies.

It is March 8, 161 days to prepare


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