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ACE Small Group Training Workshop hosted at Hyperwear

June 25th, 2012

Summer is heating up and so are the events going on at Hyperwear! Saturday, August 18th Hyperwear is hosting the ACE Small Group Training Workshop from 9-6:30pm, led by ACE Certified Instructor, Sabrena Merrill.

After their last SOLD OUT Austin workshop, ACE is back in the Capitol city due to very popular demand. This one-day workshop is designed to teach new strategies and techniques on how to make your small group training more efficient and exciting. You’ll also walk away with knowledge of how to best market your services and programs so you can better serve your existing clients, and pick up some new ones along the way.

ACE’s small group training workshop is built around the ACE Integrate Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) model, and will teach you how having several clients per session will foster long-term client commitment and accountability.

Participating in this workshop and you’ll walk away with more than CEC’s. According to the ACE workshop registration page, participants will learn:

  • Optimal exercise formats for small group training
  • To design and organize a progressive small group training program
  • Components and variables of exercise program design and how they apply to training small groups
  • To lead clients through dynamic exercise circuits based on the ACE IFT® model
  • Marketing strategies aimed at attracting new clients

This workshop is available to all trainers, coaches and instructors for only $159.00, and seats are limited so visit the ACE webpage to reserve your spot today. Group discounts are also available, so round up your friends and take part in this small group training workshop to improve and invigorate your client training!


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