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A Word on Functional Fitness – Hyper Vest PRO & SandBell Style

November 17th, 2010

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time talking with someone from Hyper Wear or watching any of our videos, you know that we LOVE functional fitness.  We believe in the practicality of training the way you move in everyday life.  If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you need muscles that will enable you to pick up the baby, vacuum the floor, put away groceries, etc.  If you are an athlete on the basketball court, you need first-step quickness, rebounding ups, overall quickness, etc. You get the idea.

No matter what you do, you use certain muscles throughout your day.  Why bother building big muscles that don’t actually do anything besides lift a weight in a linear fashion?  We think muscles aren’t just there to look pretty, they should actually serve a purpose – to make what you do every day a little easier.

The Hyper Vest PRO is, of course, the most functional of all.  A weighted vest that you can wear around all the time, no matter what you’re doing, means you are building specific muscles for what you do.  Makes sense, huh?  But our SandBells are also high on the functional fitness scale.  Because they are so safe and so versatile, you can use them to mimic lots of real-world movements without worrying about dropping them on your toe, or bumping some body part with them.

Speaking of bumped body parts, I must confess, I am in my thirties, but my my knees look like the knees of a little kid.  They’re always bruised and scraped from when I miscalculate the speed and / or direction of some other piece of fitness equipment and my knee gets in the way.  I’m just thankful I’ve never been that clumsy with a kettlebell, but that’s mostly because I never use them!  Why bother when a novice user like myself can get all the same benefits from doing the same moves with a SandBell?  Forgive this short commercial break…now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

The point of all this is to direct you to an article put out by the Mayo Clinic called “Functional fitness training: Is it right for you?”  It’s a good run down of the definitions, benefits, and even equipment of functional training, but someone needs to get those guys a Hyper Vest PRO and SandBells…

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