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5 Tips to Make Your Fitness Journey Easier

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially reaching your top fitness goals. The journey to reaching fitness goals may seem like a long one, but with a little bit of motivation and a positive mindset it can be done! Here are 5 tips to help make this journey not seem so bad after all.

Tip 1
: Accountability is EVERYTHING!

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Accountability is the hardest part about sticking with the process of physical change. Getting started is hard, but sticking to it is even harder.  Instead of biting the bullet alone, grab a friend and help keep each other accountable.  Just knowing that your “not in this alone” will help keep you motivated!

Tip 2
: It gets easier as you go!

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In order to be successful working out must become a habit. A common misunderstanding is that it takes 21 days to for a new habit to form.  According Phillippa Lally , a health psychology researcher at University College London, it actually takes on average about 66 days for a behavior to become automatic. Of course this all depends on how determined you are, but in general creating a new habit takes “anywhere from 18 to 254 days”(Clear). Don’t freak out! Once you get past the 3 week mark, it tends to get easier because you begin to accept the change.

Tip 3
: Working out is a factor, but nutrition is key!

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You know what they say, 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.  While you may be totally killing it at the gym there is a possibility whatever your eating could be canceling out all you’ve accomplished in the gym. Try challenging yourself when it comes to what your eating. For example, try to go 30 days without processed foods. Once that’s accomplished add another challenge and once that’s accomplished… well you get where I’m going! You’ll be amazed how in control you feel once those 30 days are up!

Tip 4:
 Keep your workout FUN and FRESH!

Have fun when you workout and it won't feel like work picture

Have Fun

Whatever the workout is make sure its fun and not the same exact thing everyday. There is nothing more boring than performing hamstring and bicep curls everyday. Switch out the hamstring curls with cycling and drop the dumbbells for a pair of SandBells. You could even do banded assisted chin-ups. Or if you need more of a challenge add a Hyper Vest PRO to those chin ups. Whatever you do just make sure you are keeping it fun and fresh, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the workout.

Tip 5
: Recovery Days!

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You may be completely determined and crushing it at the gym 24/7, but don’t forget to have a recovery day. Recovery does not mean inactive, so instead of crashing on the sofa all day try a form of active recovery. Active recovery is any form of activity that is low intensity and/or an activity that has a lower intensity than how you typically workout. Active recovery could be anything from light yoga to a brisk walk outside. It is equally important that your body gets time to rest and recover just as you should pump some iron!

Give these 5 tips a try and you’ll begin to enjoy the fitness journey you once despised.  Remember nothing comes easy, but also NOTHING is impossible!

If you need more workout ideas to keep your workouts fun and fresh, check out our blog that shows the Top 12 SandBell Exercises here.

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