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SteelBell Steel Shot Filled Free Weights

SteelBell® Free Weights | Like Medicine Balls, Kettlebells or Dumbbells but More

The Hyperwear SteelBell is the most intense free weight ever created. Filled with tiny balls of steel shot, it is dense and incredibly lively challenging your core and stabilizers with every move. Think of the SteelBell as a medicine ball you can hold with one hand or a soft kettle bell with no handle needed. Choose the patented SteelBell® to improve performance and challenge muscles like never before. The SteelBell® is constructed from extra-thick neoprene with a super texture surface for grip improvement. The SteelBell is roughly half the size, per weight, of its SandBell® counterpart, but packs twice the dynamic punch. The SteelBell is the choice of NFL and other professional and college teams, the military, law enforcement, crossfit for slam balls and wall balls, and kettlebell enthusiasts.

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About Steelbells

Sizes and weights range from 5 to 200 lbs., providing the total range necessary to continually step up weight training benefits. The steel shot inside the SteelBell® moves around in the bag faster than sand, which increases the instability and grip characteristics as you try to hold and move the SteelBell® during exercise. The SteelBell engages and moves with you, acting as a "live weight." SteelBell® training is tough, intense and unique, get SteelBell® strong and crush your competition. The new choice for pro football strength and conditioning, military fitness, police, crossfit training, or anywhere the highest level of performance is required.

Additional Info

The main difference between the SandBell® and SteelBell® is the density and size per weight. The diameter of a 4 lb. SandBell is nine inches, and a nine inch diameter SteelBell® weighs 10 lb. A 150 lb. SteelBell® is the same diameter as a 50 lb. SandBell. Get the point? Another difference is the increased amount of dynamic shifting steel shot inside the bell. The steel shot moves more like liquid than sand, thus shifting and moving more quickly. Due to the combination of inertia and the shifting steel shot, a 20 lb. SteelBell® feels and responds like a much heavier weight – sort of like the difference between picking up a sleeping child and one that is flailing. This shift challenges balance, coordination, core response and stabilizing muscles, simultaneously.

The SteelBell® is safer, like the SandBell. It makes for a great kettlebell and medicine ball replacement because you can swing or throw the SteelBell® with maximum effort with less risk of injury to yourself or others. No more worries about hitting knees or ankles or jamming a finger.

SteelBells are available in the following weights:

The extra-thick neoprene surface is soft and stretchy to the touch, but also durable enough to be pulled, yanked, and abused daily. One side of the SteelBell® shows the Hyperwear logo with the SteelBell® weight in pounds and kilograms. A silver ring encircles each SteelBell®, distinguishing it from the SandBell.

5lb., 10lb., 15lb., 20lb., 25lb., 30lb., 40lb., 50lb., 75lb., 100lb., 125lb., 150lb., 175lb. and 200 lb.

Need a storage solution for your SandBells or SteelBells? View the custom storage cart that can hold up to 1000lbs. of SandBells or SteelBells.

SteelBell Review

Led by trainer Bo Hickey, the TRX/Kettlebell class involves high-intensity interval training using—you guessed it—TRX Suspension Trainers. What it doesn’t include, however, are kettlebells. Students use the lesser-known Steelbells, round sandbags that weigh anywhere from five to 200 pounds. “Any kettlebell exercise can be performed using a Steelbell, explains Huling, and they offer more versatility (and keep the studio’s hardwood floors scuff- and dent-free, of course).” Fitness Class Review: TRX/Kettlebell Class With Reformation Fitness The studio brings TRX, Steelbells, and Pilates to Shaw. By Melissa Romero. Washingtonian Well+Being blog August 1, 2013.