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Mommy Workout: Better Butt Workouts with Hyperwear SandBell

Every woman who has survived pregnancy can tell you that pregnancy takes a toll on a mother’s body. The good news is that the change can be temporary. You can bounce back! You’ll have to work harder than you like to get back to where you were before and even harder than that if you want to look even better. But, if you are tough enough to have a child, you are tough enough to do what it takes!

Posted by Hypertraining, December 12, 2014

Mommy Workout: Squats and Battle Rope Slams with a Hyperwear SandRope

Hey Moms! There is a game-changing piece of fitness equipment that is versatile, mobile, fun, and functional. It will keep your child entertained and guarantee no unwelcomed interruptions from your workout. It will allow your child and you to release oxytocin in tandem while you exercise. It will naturally get heavier as you get stronger. This product is FREE to all moms. Shipping is free, too. This extraordinary piece of equipment is your dear, darling child!

Posted by Hypertraining, December 3, 2014