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Movement Variability: SandBell Training Tips

The traditional model of training often has "blocked" model design, typically characterized as usually low complexity, low skill level single movements in a pre-determined, sequenced design. This often is characteristic of the traditional strength training model. This is not to say it is not a good model, as it is a necessary component for strength gains, hypertrophy, and neuro-control. When performed correctly, there is a learned concept to blocked training and enhances movement patterns, but to a limit, as the repetitiveness does not promote the randomness of movement variability.

Posted by Hypertraining, October 29, 2014

Weight Vest Training: Top 5 Tips

Weight vest training is on the rise. The concept is simple: increasing your body weight 10-15% will help you reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself quicker. Weight vest training gives you the ability to see increases in strength, performance, and endurance as well as burn more calories and that is just the beginning of the list. There are many ways to incorporate a weighted vest into your workouts.

Posted by Hypertraining, October 22, 2014