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Fitness Without Limits

The beauty of Hyperwear products is that you can use them ANYWHERE! You don't need fancy machines to start looking and feeling great! Whether it's throwing on a HyperVest for added bodyweight or slamming SandBells®, Hyperwear gives you a home gym that takes up less space and can move where you want to go. Show us how Hyperwear enables YOUR 'Fitness Without Limits' and YOU could be featured on our page!

Posted by Hypertraining, April 14, 2014

John Arlotta Joins Hyperwear

John Arlotta joins the Hyperwear team bringing with him over 20 years of marketing experience. Arlotta is originally from Queens, New York and found himself in Texas about 7 years ago when prompted to work on a big project, but his visit turned into permanent residency.

Posted by Hypertraining, April 10, 2014